Professional Online Hospitality Training

Developed by inhouse hospitality professionals to ‘Best Practice’ standards

Small Business Offer

Designed for Small / Medium sized hospitality businesses, hotels, guest houses, restaurants, bars or care homes with under 250 employees making their first steps into eLearning

Flexible Options

Every company has different training needs. Create your own training options for as many or as few learners as your require and put our flexibility to the test

Bespoke Options

If you have a bit more in your budget we will work with you to tailor our modules to your specific standards and procedures and using your images and materials

Our Values

A passion for hospitality drives the focus of Direction Training to deliver professional training for industry staff, make professional learning accessible for the smallest of businesses and achieve excellent customer service support in our own right.

Professional Bar Service

Have you ever wanted to work behind a bar? ….. This programme is designed for new and existing operational F&B staff in hotels, restaurants and bars to develop their knowledge of bar service

Professional Housekeeping

Housekeeping is often a misunderstood department. It is not just about flicking dusters around and making beds. Undoubtedly it is hard work but Houskeeping has an extremely valuable

Work Aware

The first few weeks of starting a new job are critical. Staff make the decision if they like the job or not. This decision is based not only on whether they like their manager

Giving Great Customer Service

The course Giving Great Customer Service is made up of the these 5 modules:

Professional Food Service

Although there may be variances in company procedures there are basic principles that apply in all food service. This interactive programme uses hospitality best practice standards for learners

Licensing Aware

This is not a full licence course but is designed for operational staff to develop their understanding of the importance of handling alcohol to the correct legal and company standards in the workplace.

Food & Drink Safety Aware

This interactive module is designed specifically for food and drink service staff and uses examples of both areas throughout. Consider using Allergy Aware with this module for all round knowledge.

Allergy aware

Allergy Awareness training for food and drink service staff has been a legal obligation in the UK since December 2014 but there is still a lack of awareness in businesses of the implications of not carrying this out.

Professional Wine & Champagne Service

What is the difference between a sauvignon blanc and chardonnay? ….. How do I open champagne?…. How can I recommend a wine to a customer? ….