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iStock-502872140-1 “The panel commends this development
as timely and useful and recognises the contribution
to continuing professional development the
programmes can afford to individuals seeking further
knowledge and understanding across a range of operational areas”
Endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality Institute of Hospitality
Blueback Direction Training has significant experience in the development and delivery of a wide range of training programmes from Level 2 to Level 6.
These include customer service, training and developing staff, development of workbook materials in support of apprentice skills, training and team development and a wide range of accreditation activities. Direction Training also has significant experience of working with professional and awarding bodies, intergovernmental bodies including European funding agencies as well as universities.
iStock_000046622970_Small-1 ‘The range, content and Industry focused training materials represent an excellent suite of accredited training materials and resources for Hospitality and Tourism Trainers and Operational Professionals.
The content, style and structure of the training resources are based on, and benchmarked against, International Best practice. Their application in the workplace, through workshops and self -learning initiatives, are designed to enhance Employee Performance and Standards in Housekeeping, Health and Safety, Customer Services and Food & Beverage Standards.
The proposed Learning approach for both Individuals and organisations utilises modern e- learning technology and reflects the modern training and development needs of the International Hospitality Industry. The centre is pleased to endorse, support and utilise the products and services of Hospitality Direction Training in its work with the hospitality and Tourism sector in Ireland.
Dr. Tony Lenehan
Executive Director
What our customers say Direction Training has produced an attractive & functional focused hospitality learning management system that is rapidly advancing.

The modules are informative, interesting and tailored to address all the course topic objectives.

Learners knowledge & understanding is assessed throughout the modules with activities that mirror real world situations. These are then followed with feedback that shows the impact of the decisions and choices they have made giving learners excellent insight in the skills and tools required to deliver the required standards of service within all aspects of hospitality.

I have been extremely impressed and so would highly recommend Direction Training”.
JOSIE HOPPS Ufford Park. Woodbridge.  Hotel  Golf  Spa
What our customers say “We have been training our staff with the assistance of Direction Associates throughout 2017. Their bespoke training package has assisted us with full induction and many individual training modules.

This has freed up our time massively and by offering the right training we are keeping our hotel and business compliant. Many hours are saved and training can be carried out in the hotel which again saves time and money.

Their on-going developments and improvements are excellent. And very importantly, the customer service is as good as it gets.”
JONATHAN KAYE Cedar Manor Hotel. Windermere
What our customers say “Congratulations on putting it all together. I do believe this is a great professional and motivational resource for newly recruited room attendants/housekeepers.

A Head or Executive housekeeper using this to support their own training delivery, would set a professional benchmark from which they can discuss with their new member of staff what they have learnt, how their learning fits with specific working practices and what ideas they may have that could be put into practice”
MARY HALL Hallmark Training. Ireland
What our customers say As someone newer to the training environment I am looking to bring our hotel training programmes to a new level where learning is more than being told and is interactive, interesting and fun.

These modules engage and offer variety to ensure all our staff improve their knowledge and develop their skills. It adds confidence that they have been written by such an experienced team.
SARAH SLADE Hollybourne Developments
Coronavirus Awareness for Hospitality Staff
eLearning Module

 Professional Online Hospitality Training

Developed by inhouse hospitality professionals to ‘Best Practice’ standards.

“The programmes are designed to be accessible to a wide range of leaners and on completion improve the knowledge and understanding of learners. The emphasis on developing professional competences across a wide range of roles is a valuable contribution to professional training within the industry”

Institute of Hospitality

Fully Accredited

All our courses are endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality & Certified by the CPD


All modules are fully interactive with exercises, questions, feedback  and an end test.


All courses provide a professional certificate upon successful completion at no extra cost.

Learner support

Full learner support available via email 7 days a week 365 days a year.

A Passion For Training Delivered Online

level 2 food safety

Food Safety Level 2

This comprehensive, interactive and

certificated level 2 in Food Safety is endorsed  by ROSPA:

The course contains 10 modules and a 50 question assessment;

  • Being a Food Handler
  • Microbiological Hazards
  • Food Poisoning
  • Physical and Chemical Hazards
  • Allergens
  • Receiving and Storing Food
  • Preparing and Serving Food Safely
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Cleaning and Pest Awareness
  • Premises and HACCP
  • Final assessment

Food Safety level 2 from £9.95 per learner!

Professional Bar Service

Have you ever wanted to work behind a bar? ….. This programme is designed for new and existing operational F&B staff in hotels, restaurants and bars to develop their knowledge of bar service

Professional Housekeeping

Housekeeping is often a misunderstood department. It is not just about flicking dusters around and making beds. Undoubtedly it is hard work but Houskeeping has an extremely valuable

Work Aware

The first few weeks of starting a new job are critical. Staff make the decision if they like the job or not. This decision is based not only on whether they like their manager

Giving Great Customer Service

The course Giving Great Customer Service is made up of the these 5 modules:

Professional Food Service

Although there may be variances in company procedures there are basic principles that apply in all food service. This interactive programme uses hospitality best practice standards for learners

Licensing Aware

This is not a full licence course but is designed for operational staff to develop their understanding of the importance of handling alcohol to the correct legal and company standards in the workplace.

Food & Drink Safety Aware

This interactive module is designed specifically for food and drink service staff and uses examples of both areas throughout. Consider using Allergy Aware with this module for all round knowledge.

Allergy aware

Allergy Awareness training for food and drink service staff has been a legal obligation in the UK since December 2014 but there is still a lack of awareness in businesses of the implications of not carrying this out.

Professional Wine & Champagne Service

What is the difference between a sauvignon blanc and chardonnay? ….. How do I open champagne?…. How can I recommend a wine to a customer? ….


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