Work Aware F&B

  • Licensing aware

    Licensing Awareness Module

    Licensing Awareness for Operational Staff is not a full licence course but is designed for operational staff to develop their understanding of the importance of handling alcohol to the correct legal and company standards in the workplace. The importance of displaying a summary licence, the measures for the range of alcoholic drinks from spirits, beers, wines and fortified wines are discussed along with offering water to customers, age checks and recording refusals. The Licensing Awareness for Operational Staff module also overviews the initial handling of drunk customers, giving accurate descriptions under the Consumer Protection Regulations and the fines that are applicable under licensing regulations.

  • Allergy and special diets

    Allergy & Special Diets Aware Module

    Designed for front of house staff with additional dietary information that not only deliver the legal requirements but ensure your staff will be professional and confident and respect customer requests. The modules are endorsed by Vizion 21, a leading hospitality health and safety consultancy.

  • Food and drink safety aware

    Food & Drink Safety Aware Module

    This is not a qualification module but not all your staff need a formal qualification. Food Hygiene regulations allow staff other than key food handlers ie: chefs, to be trained ‘to the needs of the job’. This interactive module is designed specifically for food and drink service staff and uses examples of both areas throughout. Consider using Allergy Aware with this module for all round knowledge.

  • COSHH & Manual Handling

    COSHH & Manual Handling module

    Fully interactive to ensure learners concentrate, this module tackles firstly COSHH requirements such as symbol recognition, personal protective equipment and safe working practices and then leads into manual handling showing by video and photos safe lifting techniques and emphasising the potential problems of lifting badly.

  • Health and safety aware

    Being Safety Aware Module

    Lots of activities ensure learners are totally concentrating, even if they have done this before! There is a choice of modules to ensure targeted learning. Versions are available for Food Service staff or Reception & Administration staff or Housekeeping staff or of your staff are general across all departments have the all in one version!

  • Fire Aware

    Fire Aware Module

    This module isn’t about the business property and compliance but about what staff need to be aware of to work safely, raise the alarm and evacuate safely. Some businesses do not allow their staff to use fire extinguishers so there are 2 versions. If you want to make information and procedures specific to your business give us a call to find out how we can help you.