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Work Aware General modules - 3 Training Time - 2.5/3hrs Contact Us Handouts - yes Language - En Induction modules - 6 The modules will contribute to the guided learning hours for those staff completing a hospitality apprenticeship. CPD points - 2 THE FULL PROGRAMME IS ENDORSED BY The Institute of Hospitality “ the approach taken in developing this set of programmes is essentially instructional. This is clearly deliberate and does provide for a strong level of content detail with appropriate explanation as to the “why” these points are important in achieving high professional standards” Institute of Hospitality
Health and safety aware

Work Aware

Work Aware training in the first few weeks of starting a new job are critical. Staff make the decision if they like the job or not. This decision is based not only on whether they like their manager personally but very often on how much training they receive to help them feel confident in their role. Even if staff have done Work Aware training in other companies you must still evidence that you have carried training out for your business.
With so much information to cover it can be difficult to choose the priority; health and safety or job skills? The result is usually a bit of everything but not necessarily enough detail in anything and for some businesses managers lack the specific knowledge of what needs to be trained. Our induction compliance programme resolves the problem. Ticking all the boxes of what staff need legally to be aware of in the first few weeks of employment, leaving you to concentrate on the business.
Take a copy of the learner certificate and you have all the evidence you need for that EHO visit!! If you want to use the programme on a regular basis, talk to us about setting yourself up with a block of places where you can download reports as evidence of training and tailor modules to your procedures.

These 3 modules cover your compliance as an employer and your due diligence as an employee


  • Safety Aware
  • Fire Aware
  • COSHH & Manual Handling

Designed for

Work Aware training is for all operational staff in hotels, restaurants and bars to ensure they are aware of all health and safety procedures. Modules can be used as a complete programme or individually for specific training needs or refreshers. Individuals may like to develop their own knowledge and confidence or use the module certificates at interviews. The Work Aware programme will contribute to the guided learning hours for those staff completing a hospitality apprenticeship.

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