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Serving Beers Module

Serving Beers Course module - 4 Training Time - 90 mins Contact Us Handouts - yes Language - En The modules will contribute to the guided learning hours for those staff completing a hospitality apprenticeship. THE FULL PROGRAMME IS ENDORSED BY The Institute of Hospitality “ the approach taken in developing this set of programmes is essentially instructional. This is clearly deliberate and does provide for a strong level of content detail with appropriate explanation as to the “why” these points are important in achieving high professional standards” Institute of Hospitality

Serving Beers

What is a beer? What is the difference between an ale and a lager? How is cider made? What is the difference between keg and cask beer? Why should beer glasses be free from residue detergent? What is ullage? How should bottled beer be poured to prevent too much head? What is a black and tan? Use this interactive module to find out and learn more about beer and develop your confidence to answer customer questions. be inspired to carry on your learning and use the links provided. Designed for hospitality staff that want to develop their professional knowledge or for anyone who wants to develop their personal knowledge. The module ‘Prepare and Serve Drinks’ should be used alongside this module to develop all round knowledge.


  • State the professional standards used to pour and serve different beers
  • Identify glassware and equipment used to serve beers
  • Identify different types of beer and beer drinks

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