Professional Wine & Champagne Service

  • Handling glassware

    Handling Glassware Modules

    Although there are differences in the shape of glassware and lay up placement there are some basic principles which this short, interactive module shows you. Activities invite you to define the type of glass used for different drinks and a video shows you best practice standards of polishing and presenting glasses.

  • Professional Wine and Champagne Service

    Wine & Champagne Service Skills Module

    This Wine and Champagne Service Skills module will help you develop an understanding behind the procedures you have been shown on opening wine. Learn more about bin numbers, the temperature for storing wine and how to prepare ice baths. Watch videos and complete activities that show you the best practice standards of the hospitality industry and increase your confidence.

  • Using Positive Selling Skills to Promote Wine and Champagne

    Using Positive Selling Skills to Promote Wine & Champagne Module

    Businesses are keen for staff to sell in order to increase revenues but selling skills don’t come naturally to everyone. Just being told to push a particular wine or drink doesn’t give everyone the confidence they need and can actually lead to a worse customer experience.
    This module builds from About Wine and Champagne and encourages you to use your understanding of wine flavours to ‘recommend’ and become a soft salesperson not pushy. A range of activities takes you through finding out your customer needs and the steps to ‘making the offer’.
    The module is an adaptation of the module Using Positive Selling Skills in F&B and focusses purely on wine and Champagne sales.

  • About Wine & Champagne

    About Wine & Champagne Module

    What are old world and new world wines? … How is wine produced without being too technical!?… What flavours do merlot grapes have?….Vintage means the wine is old doesn’t it? … How can I find out how strong a wine is? ….. Which is a dry champagne? … Champagne and sparkling wine are the same aren’t they? … I always recommend white wine with fish and chicken?…..
    Discover an appreciation of wine and champagne using a range of activities without being stuffy!