Professional Food Service

Professional Food Service Course Description

Although there may be variances in company procedures there are basic principles that apply in all food service. Professional Food Service is an interactive programme that uses hospitality best practice standards for learners to consider professional methods of food service and reminds them to check what their own companies may do.

Designed for

Professional Food Service is designed for operational front of house staff in hotels and restaurants to develop their knowledge and skills in key aspects of food service. The Professional Food Service programme may be used or separate modules selected according to training needs. Professional Food Service modules are ideal for new staff into the industry to support on job training in house or can be used by individuals wishing to gain some knowledge of food service in order to apply for a job.


If you have problems organising training for your casual teams, this is an ideal approach. Select key modules and design your own training programme.

Course Modules

Mis en place

  • General Preparation
  • Laying Tables
  • Folding Napkins
  • Boxing Tables
  • Handling Glassware

Food Service Skills

  • Menu Knowledge
  • Presenting menus & taking Orders
  • Using Positive Selling Skills When Taking Food orders
  • Carrying & Clearing Plates
  • Restaurant Service
  • Buffet Service
  • Silver Service