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  • Institute of Hospitality

    We are pleased to confirm renewal of #endorsement for online #hospitality courses offered by @DirectionAsc #Training #ProfessionalRecognition Find out more at — Institute of Hospitality (@IoH_Online) February 7, 2020
  • Buffet_service

    Buffet Service module

    Buffets can be self serve or assisted but most of all should look interesting! This module introduces you to the different layups and equipment that may be used depending on the style of the buffet along with the service procedures that should be used to ensure a great customer experience.
    The modules on boxing tables and clearing plates work well with this learning and you must have awareness of food safety.

  • Using Positive Selling Skills When Taking Food Orders Module

    Businesses are keen for staff to sell in order to increase revenues but selling skills don’t come naturally to everyone. Just being told to push a particular dish doesn’t give everyone the confidence they need and can actually lead to a worse customer experience.
    This module builds from Menu knowledge and encourages you to use your understanding of food to ‘recommend’ and become a soft salesperson not pushy. A range of activities takes you through finding out your customer needs and the steps to ‘making the offer’.
    The module is an adaptation of the module Using Positive Selling Skills in F&B and focusses purely on food sales..